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The radisson's 53 hotels online jinjiang WeHotel booking platforms

Date: 2019-07-03

On July 1, the radisson hotel group incentive plan li reward will be announced and jinjiang international platform for the global hotel reservation WeHotel to cooperate.

Since June 30, the radisson hotel group's 53 hotels in WeHotel platform online, the more than 1100 hotels by the end of the year will continue.

The radisson is now affiliated to the jinjiang international hotel group, and jinjiang international currently has more than 8500 hotels worldwide.After online WeHotel, radisson hotel group members by jinjiang WeHotel loyalty program, won the support of more than 148 million members and local language booking options, China digital payments, and other functions., jinjiang platform for the member to enjoy by WeHotel, radisson hotels group's hotel reservation, and all qualified accommodation behavior can obtain integral and elite membership upgrade room nights;Stay outside the hotel, also will get reward will provide localization of members to store courtesy, and vice versa.

At present, the radisson hotel group launched WeHotel 53 hotels, 18 of which are located in China, is located in the rest of Australia, Belgium, Canada, etc.

It is understood that since the end of last year jin jiang international and Sino - Cee funds to buy the radisson hotel group, in recent days the measures, including both sides launch the first joint brand hotel last week, the radisson hotel in Frankfurt, Germany.According to the radisson hotel group global steering committee chairman Federico j. Gonzalez Tejera, said the future will be expanded joint brand hotel to Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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