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candy364987478score:4.0 / 52019-02-13

Hotel location also good, should said is urban within best of hotel one of has. but and standard of 4 star compared hardware and software also is some gap. but hotel of management personnel very good, trip I not carefully put belt (brand) off in room has, hold with try of psychological to hotel to has phone, they trouble of help I find, eventually found Hou help I sent home in the, really of very thanks! they that greatly of spirit more let I moved. Chaozhou city within really of no what wineShop. Chaozhou hotel is highly recommended.
e05107939score:5.0 / 52019-01-23

Comfortable environment for tourism business
Coco.score:5.0 / 52019-01-22

Cost-effective and comfortable quiet
e01778363score:4.5 / 52019-01-13

Hotel is located in the old town, Chaozhou city, in the case of public transport is not convenient, within walking distance to Kaiyuan Temple, guangji Bridge Hotel in 20 minutes, bus to the airport, train station is very convenient. Apart from the location, hotel facilities, sanitation and services match its star.
asissiscore:5.0 / 52019-01-06

Nice hotel lobby is magnificent, breakfast is also very good, room was large and spacious, and there is free fruit is best, super delicious red fire dragon fruit? not too far from the scenic walk to Torii and Kaiyuan Temple in about 20 minutes.
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